A ground-breaking PoS-based product for a wide audience

ZYX is a unique ecosystem where anybody can become a miner, take part in decision making, and get rewards.

Decentralized ecosystem

ZYX is a well-designed blockchain product with wide-ranging capabilities for various user categories.

We offer an improved Proof-of-Stake algorithm with active and passive mining options, a high-performance blockchain, quick transactions, and a user-friendly ecosystem to develop dApps in.

PoS-cryptocurrency ZYX

ZYX is not only a versatile and well-designed payment tool but also a crucial element of PoS mining.

Active mining option

Add new blocks and logs to the blockchain and profit off of transaction fees within the ecosystem

Passive mining option

Make a deposit to your ZYX wallet in the amount of at least 1 ZYX and the mining process will start automatically

Mining profitability

The higher the balance of your wallet is, the greater is your reward for supporting the network

A secure blockchain with infinite scalability

The ZYX blockchain is aimed at designing, developing and improving the functionality of dApps.

JavaScript and Web3js
The use of popular languages (JavaScript and Web3js) means ample opportunities for the development of apps and services by independent developers
PoS mining
PoS mining allows one to release new cryptocurrency into circulation in addition to the coins minted via the genesis block. The blockchain offers active and passive mining options
Sidechains are used to launch apps and independent blockchains within a single network ensuring the security of the primary ledger, as well as high transaction speed

ZYX wallet with an improved functionality

With the help of ZYX wallet, you can manage your balance, make transactions, create smart contracts and use dApps.


All ZYX cold wallets are secured by asymmetrical encryption. Only the holder of the wallet has access to coins in it

Managing one's balance

Send and receive fast transfers in cryptocurrency using the ZYX wallet not only to users, but also to smart contract addresses.

Passive income

Make a deposit to your ZYX wallet and activate the passive mining option, i.e. you profit off of transaction fees within the network

Choose your preferred means of using ZYX

For miners!
Profit off of transaction fees within the network for managing the ZYX blockchain
  • 1Run the full ZYX node
  • 2Keep as many ZYX coins as possible in your wallet: the more coins you have, the better are your chances of completing a new block
  • 3Keep your node online, produce new blocks and verify transactions
  • 4 Receive transaction fees as a reward

60 seconds

Average time for producing a new block

Fixed fees

Rewards are divided among miners fairly

Direct proportionality

The higher the balance is, the better are your chances of adding a new block

Q2 2020
- Public auction of ZYX coins
- Launch of the primary blockchain
- Release of the online wallet
Q3 2020
Wallet versions for Android and iOS Release of the Web3js solution Creation of the exchange network Entry into Asian markets Recruitment of app and service developers
Q2 2021
Addition of smart contract option Entry into Latin American markets
Q3 2021
Creation of ATM network Issuance of debit cards Launch of ZYX Foundation tech incubator
Q4 2021
Staging of the first international ZYX Summit
Q3 2022
Integration of new partners and services in order to expand payment options